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Getting your HVAC System Tuned Up for Fall

September 30, 2013

As the summer months wane, the days get shorter and the temperature gets cooler. You’ve been out enjoying the sun and warm weather – but what has your furnace been up to? The approach of Fall means that its time to start gearing up for the cold months ahead. This means having maintenance performed on your HVAC system to ensure that it will be working properly when the time comes. Neglecting to do this can mean future problems and future shivers.

Change the Filter

The most important thing to be done is to change the air filter. The filter is responsible for keeping dust, pollen, and bacteria out of your air, as well as keeping air flowing freely throughout your home. It also makes heating your home easier on your furnace and improves its efficiency.

Clean the Vents

Vents collect all sorts of grimy things – dirt, mold, hair, and other things. Allowing these to build up can impede heat transfer and airflow through your home. Taking care of this will improve the life and efficiency of your furnace. You can use a damp paper towel to wipe up the nasty stuff.

Check for Drafts

There are few things less comfortable and harder on your heating system than a draft. Eliminating them can save you money and keep your home warmer. Make sure to check all obvious spots (like windows and doors) and look for cracks or holes. You can also perform tests that can detect air leaks.

Safety Concerns

It’s easy to overlook safety issues when all we’re thinking about is staying warm. But furnaces can become deadly if they aren’t working properly. Risks can include carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical fires if a furnace malfunctions.

Get Professional Maintenance Done

Though you can perform some of the above tasks yourself, there are some things only a professional can do. This includes providing a thorough inspection of your entire system, including your heat pump and furnace, and performing system testing and safety checks. Having this done regularly can extend the life of your heating system and ensure that there aren’t unexpected problems down the road. It will keep your family safe and comfortable through the long winter months.

How Mathers Mechanical Can Help

At Mathers Mechanical, we provide fall maintenance services for your home HVAC system. Contact us today to find out more about our services and schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance.

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